Update SKYTOOL 02/08 from 14:00 to 14:30


On Tuesday 02/08 from 14:00 until 14:30 the system will undergo an update.

The update of the SKYTOOL SaaS service will contain:

– improvements/FIX of the FrontOffice UX

— Fix markup application in PNR detail even when the provider returns base amounts and taxes to 0 but with total > 0
— Fix flight duration display for AirGateway when in NDC the airline does not return segment durations

– Functionality improvements/FIXes FrontOffice
— Added display of comments in PNR segment history
— Added PNR split function
— Added function Acceptance “Schedule Change” + Removal from queue “Schedule Change” on TK acceptance
— Added “Seat Selection” function after PNR creation
— Added Parallel Search function over a plurality of “Fast Selection Rules”

R&D Team