Updade SKYTOOL 10/03 from 12:30 to 13:00

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On Wednesday 10/03 from 12:30 until 13:00 the system may be unavailable during
be unavailable during update operations.

During the unavailability of the service, users will see a
Users will see a page inviting them to try again after the displayed countdown.

The SKYTOOL SaaS service update of 2021-03-10 will contain

– improvements to the backoffice UX
— added the possibility to remove a PNR from the queue (with permission in the
permission in the backoffice interface)

– B2B frontoffice UX improvements

– B2C frontoffice UX improvements
— authenticated and anonymous B2C shops
a) authenticated B2C shops require activation of the
User Registration Form for each shop

– functionality improvements
— Remark containing Amount Markup added amount type
(Total/per Passenger)
— Fee rules added activation dependent on type of fare (public/private)
fare type (public/private)
— Issuance with automatic FOP also activated for collection from Payment
Issue with automatic FOP also activated for payment from Payment Gateway as well as from Residual Credit (if collection is not total but partial
partial collection is allowed, then issuance occurs only when the PNR amount is reached.
the PNR amount is reached)

— collection with issuance can be performed on the amount
including Agency Fees (as in the case of a traveller who pays the agency online in a
Agency Fees (as in the case of a traveller paying the agency online in a B2C shop) or without Agency Fees (as in the case of an agency
(as in the case of an agency paying the master online in a B2B shop).

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