Update SKYTOOL 12/04 from 12:50 to 13:00

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On Tuesday 12/04 from 12:50 until 13:30 the system was subject to update operations.

The update of the SKYTOOL SaaS service last 2022-04-12 is containing

– improvements/FIX of the Backoffice UX
— added, in the configuration of the search form, the possibility to define the optional presence and to assign a default value to:
— “number of stopovers”
— “luggage”
— fare type

– added the possibility of forcing agency users to use only the “Fast Selection Rule” assigned to the agency

– Frontoffice B2B UX improvements/FIXes
— fix of the problem caused by the display of base fares and taxes when the quotation is made in a currency different from the currency set in the POS (Point Of Sale) currency, as for example in case of flights originating from non-Italian airports for Italian POS.

— fix of the problem of displaying decimals in reports

— RESULTS FILTERS, new management of some fields that allow a list of selectable values (in the past was used a list of checkboxes that is now replaced by a combo field that allows the display of the list of potential values and that allows the progressive reduction of the list of values when you proceed with the typing, are obviously selectable more values from the list and the filter continues to act in “OR” mode with the selected values

this new element has been applied to :
— list of flight codes
— Airline list
— fare code list (which may be empty if the agency is configured not to display fare codes)

– added the possibility of a “manual agency fee” that can be set both before and after the creation of the PNR

– added the possibility of a “manual markup” that can be set both before and after the creation of the PNR.

The manual markup is particularly useful when combined with the new rebooking system that will be released soon, which will be added to the existing ones (rebooking same fare, rebooking with upselling) and will allow rebooking by performing a lowfaresearch or a change of fare type or a change of passenger type.

In practice, a lowfaresearch search allows you to find out whether a booking class with a lower amount has been made available on the flight on which the PNR was created, while a lowfare search with a change of fare type allows you to rebook, for example, a public fare with a private fare, and a change of passenger type allows you to rebook a public fare with an ethnic fare.

R&D Team