SkyTool is a Flight Booking Platform designed to be clear and complete with all the information and services needed by the Operator, always ensuring maximum speed of response to searches on all GDS (Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus using even more PCC), NDC and LOW COST Platforms.

With Skytool, agencies can choose to operate on individual GDSs or perform PARALLEL SEARCHES.

SkyTool allows all booking operations, PNR management, ticketing and Fee and Markup management.

It also allows you to define the payment methods choosing among the many available: Authorised Credit Cards, Irrevocable immediate transfer, Agency Credit preloaded through Wallet system. The platform also automatically acquires operations and changes made on the PNR from the cryptic system, possibly notifying via E-Mail or Pop-Up video.

SkyTool allows you to easily organize your Network. Its particular Multilevel Pyramid Management allows you to configure the individual agencies (defining their specific operational characteristics) and to view and export Immediate Control Reports of the activities carried out by each agency and any Intermediate Consolidators (PNR/Segments number, number of tickets issued, total turnover, total Fee, total Markup etc.).

SkyTool can be configured in Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish, also for each Agency.

Other languages can be implemented on request.

SkyTool is for both B2B and B2C.

The Skytool web application is redundant and scalable. In fact it is performed on multiple servers in the Cloud located in Italy, France and Germany. Scalable Hardware Infrastructure grows with growing needs and is always maintained at optimum performance.


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