A Flight Booking Platform can be customised and integrated with the Accounting Management and Corporate Portal

The Option to customize the graphic aspects (Logo, Colours, Header, Footer and URL) is offered for a complete integration of Skytool in the Consolidator and Tour Operator Portal.

Alternatively, you can also choose to insert within your Portal, or any CMS, a special customized Flight Search Form which, using Skytool‘s JWT-BASED authorization mechanism, will take the User directly to the Search Results page without requiring further Authentication.

If not already available, it is also possible to request the development of the necessary WebServices to enable Skytool to communicate with your Account Management and/or your Portal (by adding Flights to the Hotels, Transfers, Cruises, Trains etc. booking systems, possibly already integrated on your Portal).

To develop your ideas in the best possible way and find together the right solutions for your needs, contact us.


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