Update SKYTOOL 12/07 from 12:50 to 13:30


On Monday 12/07 from 13:00 until 13:30 the system may be unavailable during update operations.

During the unavailability of the service, users will see a page inviting them to try again after the displayed countdown.

The SKYTOOL SaaS service update of 2021-07-12 will contain:

– improvements/FIXes  Backoffice UX
— Multi-agency management of airline lock (it is possible to change the lock/unlock of an airline on a set of sub-agencies)
— Multi-agency management of passenger data validation (it is possible to vary the set of passenger validations on a set of sub-agencies)
— Display of configured remarks and queues in the agency master data for each PCC assigned to the agency
— Filter for issued and refunded PNRs added to the reservations menu
— Invalidated tickets are no longer displayed in PNR detail
— FIX: in the PNR detail also with the GDS Sabre tickets are in order of issue
— FIX: TASF collection on LCC companies visible via GDS

– improvements/FIXes of the B2B frontoffice UX
— FIX: results matrix in case of parallel search corrected display even in case of LCCs not enabled for “Calendar”/”Flex Date

– improvements/FIXes of the B2C frontoffice UX

– improvements/FIXes of functionality

R&D Team