Update SKYTOOL 26/06 from 14:00 to 14:30


On Monday 26/06 from 14:00 until 14:30 the system will be subject to update operations.

The update of the SKYTOOL SaaS service will contain:

– improvements/FIX of the FrontOffice UX

— reorganisation of the “Master Management” menu with the introduction of sub-menus grouping together some existing items such as “Route Filters”, “Markup Management”, “Credit Card Validation”, “MultIagency Management”

— introduction in all sub-menus of “Multiagency Management” of the “visualisation” section, which enables the verification of assignments

— introduction in the sub-menu “Multi-Agency Management” of the items “Agency Notifications”, “Payment Method”

— in the Markup rules, the percentage calculation mode is now applicable only in the “per flight” case

— among the payment methods, “SApay” was introduced to indicate credit with the SKYALLOT operator

— the “waiting page” was introduced for all reports available from the Report menu

— the field “VAT number” was introduced for all reports

— introduced the field “IP Address” in the “User Actions” report

— introduced mandatory e-mail address in user configuration

— introduction of a check on the non-use of login credentials (username/password) for a period longer than 7 days and request to enter the OTP sent to the user’s configured email address

R&D Team