Update SKYTOOL 02/12 from 12:30 to 13:00


On Wednesday 02/12 from 12:30 until 13:00 the system may be unavailable during
be unavailable during update operations.

During the unavailability of the service, users will see a
Users will see a page inviting them to try again after the countdown has expired.

The SKYTOOL SaaS service update of 2020-12-02 will contain:

– backoffice UX improvements
— in the Master menu the item “Multi-agency management – Permission assignment” has been added.
Assigning Permits” has been added to the Master menu

– front office UX improvements
— languages are introduced:
—- French
—- German
—- Spanish

– functionality improvements
— through the menu item “Multi-agency management – Assignment
Permissions” menu item, you can edit one or more “single value” permissions on a selectable set of agencies.
single value’ permits on a freely selectable set of agencies.

R&D Team

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