Update SKYTOOL 31/03 from 12:30 to 13:00


On Wednesday 31/03, from 12:30 until 13:00, the system may be
unavailable during update operations.

During the unavailability of the service, users will see a page inviting
them to try again after the displayed countdown.

The SKYTOOL SaaS service update of 2021-03-21 will contain:

– improvements to the backoffice UX
— added possibility to remove HX segment with button (with permission
in backoffice interface)
— Added new notifications:
—- Request for PNR insertion in Queue
—- Request to delete PNR from queue
—- EMD creation
—- EMD deletion
—- OSR creation
—- Add Passive Segment to PNR
—- Delete HX Segments from PNR
– Fix on subagency issue with automatic FOP

– B2B front office UX improvements
— Fix on search with flex date (matrix) without results on requested
day but with results on other days of the matrix

– improvements of the UX of B2C front office
– Fix on the management of the URL constraint of the page containing
Iframe to the SKYTOOL SHOP B2B type

– functionalities improvements

R&D Team